Emily in the Glass (emily_catt) wrote,
Emily in the Glass

another one.

Abortion?: why should this be upto governemnt or the church ? I mean it's the woman's choice.

Death Penalty?: I'm against.

Prostitution?: if somebody wants to do it, go ahead. But, PLEASE, not in front of my door:)

Alcohol?: YES!!!

Marijuana?: YES!

Other drugs?: LSD ? yes. mushrooms. uh, yea. pervine, cocaine, heroine and shit ? no, please. Anyways I have good choice of dealers not far away from my house. Prague is evil city. In a way.
But really, it everybody's choice. I think you can hold it under control.
And yes, esctasy is a shit.
Sorry if I offended anyone, but it happens in better families too, as my example shows.
But.. "we all had our reasons to be there..." ( Alanis Morissette - "Forgiven" )

Gay marriage?: and why not ?

Illegal immigrants?: should I say hi to them or what ? :)

Smoking?: if you wanna do it, go ahead. Only it's not cool. But if you wanna smell like incinerator I won't prevent you.

Drunk driving?: ahh, use cab or bus or tram or just walk... uh.

Cloning?: 'course. We want more Dollies. Just kidding. It's immoral in a way.

Racism?: absolutely stupid.

Premarital sex?: fun:) Really. But don't let your parents to catch you doing it. That's kind of embarrassing.

Religion?: yes and no.

The war in Iraq?: really pointless one. Viet Nam over again.

Bush?: I really wish he died. opps, not really, but you know what I mean. I hate him.
Downloading music?: well, I do it from time to time, but I buy CDs too. I like origal ones with the booklets and stuff.

The legal drinking age?: 16.

Porn?: is for impotent old men and boys with small you-know-whats:)

Suicide?: well, I was thinking about this topic a lot. Death sometimes looks like the only one solution...but whatever. I don't feel like talking about it now.
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