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whatever, I'm back

after the mad summer, partly spend in NYC with my closet friends ( sadly partly spoilled by new about terrorist attacks in London and Egypt - how couldn't I be paranoid than ). Anyways, NYC rox, we even managed to sneak in few clubs ( hate the 21 thing in the USA :P).

The öther part of summer I spend with my parents and Ashley and her mom in Ex-Yugo ( that means poor but paradise-y Montenegro, with short trip to Albania, Croatia with beautiful Dubrovnik ( love Southern Europe, really do ), ancient Split... and Bosnia- with "historical" Mostar, Medjegurjia where group of people saw Virgin Maria ( well, at least they claim it... did NATO really use chemical weapons on YUGO ? ). Anyways, in Medjegurjia they have the best rakiya!!!!!!!!! Well, and we visited also Kravica waterfalls. Spend the night in Mostar, and me and Ashley got drunk ( lol, rakiya is a killer ) and I went and apologised to every single person I met for being American. The funny thing is that Bosnians DO like America. Say we saved 'em.

Anyways, Azmir is talking way too much about me converting to Islam. I love him, but this is way too much... what shall I do ? I think Qu'ran doesn't appriciate our Friday's patries. lol.
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